Expert Witness Testimony

Since the 2008 crisis financial litigation has increased substantially. Institutions have been left exposed to claims from counterparties who have made significant losses due to investment products failing to live up to expectations.


Due to our consultants’ subject matter expertise and deep product knowledge we are often called upon for litigation support. Our experts have long track record in a wide variety of products, including structured credit, equity, contracts for difference, convertible securities, and structured products. We have a particular strength in the areas of derivatives and structured products. We possess the depth of experience and expertise required to act on complex litigation in the field.  We understand the financing structures employed, counterparty motivations, and key areas of leverage and can help simplify the complexity generated around products.


We appreciate that most commercial litigation results in some form of structured settlement, and as such are comfortable in participating in all phases of the dispute resolution process, from amicable resolution attempts, to mediation and arbitration, to litigation if necessary. We provide expert witness testimony supported by detailed analytics.


We have a clear and incisive understanding of the relevant technical issues and commercial imperatives and are well used to complying with the particular operational requirements of financial institutions. We can act for institutions in their capacity as both claimants and defendants.