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Equity research under pressure #research #bankculture

William Vincent, Senior Consultant,

UBS has been caught up in a political row in Australia after it produced a research report on the privatisation of a New South Wales electricity utility, a deal in which it is acting for the seller. What happened is that UBS put a report entitled “Bad for the budget, good for the State”, then changed the title to, simply, “Good for the State”. The opposition Labor (sic) party is claiming that this was the result of direct interference from the ruling Liberals.

Issuance Issues #bankculture #issuance

Nicolas Corry, Managing Director,

Ammunition for the regulation industry

William Vincent, Senior Consultant,

The December BIS Quarterly review contains an interesting piece which analyses the performance since 2007 of the three main classes of banks – retail funded, wholesale funded and trading led.


Its broad conclusions are: