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Managing the winds of change

In recent years Control Staff have found their workload dominated by rooting out bad behaviour resulting from poor culture. The beginning of 2017 heralds a decade since the onset of the Credit Crisis, which set the stage for a fundamental repositioning on how Financial Institutions and their staff conduct business. All the while however, the markets have been in a prolonged cycle of status quo. Households and businesses have enjoyed prolonged low interest rates, and Central Banks have been preoccupied for the most part by the threat of falling prices. This cycle looks set to change.

Skadi Limited releases trader funding alert #traderfundingrisk

Nicolas Corry

Nicolas Corry, Managing Director,

On Monday, the Russian Central Bank took bold action, raising interest rates by the most in 16 years. Elsewhere around the Emerging Markets risk premia rose, with a knock on effect to volatility. Interest Rate rises of this kind were witnessed in 1997 and 1998 when Central Banks’ sole objectives were stabilising currencies. What gives us grave concern is that Trader Funding Risk remains, in our eyes, a risk for many banks.