About Us

With decades of lived, hands-on experience and deep-market knowledge, Skadi holds a unique position in the marketplace.

Because we’ve all worked at the front line within financial institutions, we know what questions to ask, how different banks and structured products work – and understand the nuances of the financial markets.

Your partner for business integrity.

What we do
As subject matter experts, we can design and test the vital controls that enable your institution to grow with confidence and in ways that let your compliance and audit teams sleep at night. And we offer support to law firms by employing our industry experience and expertise, acting as expert advisors, Part 35 expert witnesses—or as product experts in complex internal investigations.

A unique advantage
Our deep understanding of complex financial products and front office expertise give us the ability to ask the right questions for you. And solve the problems other subject matter experts cannot see—at speed.

We share the knowledge you need to succeed
Whether we’ve worked as traders or in operations, everyone you’ll speak to at Skadi has front line knowledge and a deep understanding of financial products. And we’ll draw upon our collective hands-on knowledge and lived experience to identify the nuances in your situation.

Interpreting the financial landscape
We share our practical financial knowledge, analysis, focus, and clear thinking – and we communicate with clarity. We take great care to make our findings accessible so you feel confident you understand what’s happening when—and why.

“Our clients trust us to be their partner in the global fight against financial crime. Our word is our bond, and we won’t bend, break, or move—even in the face of other people’s discomfort. Skadi operates without fear or favour.”

Nic Corry, Director

Founded in 2012, Skadi celebrates ten years in business in 2022.