Expert Advisors and Witnesses

As verified expert advisors, we support Financial Litigation Disputes Partners across the legal community.

We opine on particular complex financial products, advise what normal market practice looks like—and help keep issues out of court when appropriate.

Impartial, independent, and compliant, we also draw upon our knowledge of the financial markets to act as Part 35 expert witnesses and provide Part 35 compliant expert witness reports.

Subject Matter Experts for litigation, mediation, arbitration and amicable dispute resolution.

Access a wide reach of specialist expertise
Our sector coverage goes beyond financial markets to draw upon a wide network of subject matter experts, both inside and outside of Skadi.

Flexible working
We can handle the whole lifecycle—working with, or in place of, your in-house investigative legal team.

When it comes to dispute resolutions, the discovery process examines the documents and information being held. We know where to look and what questions to ask. So, you don’t waste time. And we can get to the heart of the problem at speed.

We’ll make sure all documents pertain to the case and don’t involve the potentially embarrassing information we know can force the opposition to seek an early settlement.

Flexible billing
We’re aware of the changes being made by law firms to billable hours and are open to offering project fees for our expert advisory work.

“If you’re from a law firm, of course it’s hard to know what to ask about a bank from the outside. Because not just about what’s it like inside a bank—but what is it like inside a specific bank—what’s the culture like? What’s the setup? And which books need to be looked at. This is where we can help. Because we’ve got the inside knowledge to know what to ask—and where to look.”

Damian Taylor, Director

Part 35 Expert witnesses

Accurate scoping
We’re trusted to opine in the court of law, respecting the judicial process by keeping the focus tight and identifying what’s of relevance to each case.
Cross examinations
With years of cross-examination experience, we’ll be by your side to offer expert insights in the event of a court cross-examination.
Accurate reporting
We craft impartial, unimpassioned, and accurate Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness Reports.

“Experience tells us that many cases are won and lost and in fact hinge on the discussions that arise from the expert witness, rather than a legal question.”

Nic Corry, Director