Financial Investigation

Setting the bar in complex wholesale financial investigation.

Need help to deal with a whistleblower? Heading up a financial investigation? We support Heads of Internal Investigations, Internal Audit, and Compliance.

An independent alternative to the traditional law firms, the Skadi team deliver deep subject matter expertise around complex financial products to the heart of your team

“Skadi has over 30,000 hours of investigative experience, and we’ve helped regulated firms initiate bonus clawbacks in excess of $15m.”  Damian Taylor, Director

Accurate scoping
Our understanding of complex structured products ensures you don’t waste time on irrelevant information. And by asking the right questions of the right people, we make sure your investigation stays within scope.

To move your investigation forward, we place reliance on work done—so you can reach a timely conclusion.

“We know which questions to ask to make the inaccessible accessible. And, where appropriate, will translate the complex financial language of the front office into layman’s terms and market ‘slanguage’, to help you decipher what’s happening and really understand the situation at hand.”

Nic Corry, Director

Flexible working
We can handle the whole investigation lifecycle—working with, or in place of, your in-house investigative legal team.

Investigation tracking
We track each investigation so can meet any scrutiny and explain
what decisions were made, what areas were explored, when and why.

Interview support
We provide multilingual front office experts to support the
full range of complex products and their associated specialist language.

Our subject matter experts give you the confidence to present your case and show your clear understanding of the situation at interview.

Clear and accessible reports
We craft impartial, unimpassioned, and accurate reports and
document executive summaries that you can share with internal senior stakeholders
and, where appropriate, control functions and regulators

Presentation support
We’ll socialise the resultant investigation report with your
internal senior stakeholders, forewarning them of the contents and providing
the required scrutiny where needed.

“Why Skadi? Why not? Lawyers who take notes in interviews are no longer seen to provide legal privilege, so the client-lawyer confidentiality that used to prevent a case being reported no longer stands—we’re the smart and cost-effective alternative.”

Nic Corry, Director