Audit and Compliance

We understand—and can explain

Skadi sits between your audit and compliance functions and your front office when it comes to reviews of controls and procedures. And because we speak the same language as your front office, we can quickly understand and empathise with the problems they face. And that’s not all. Because we have the same industry knowledge, we’ll help save valuable time and resources across your control function teams.

“With our years of hands-on experience, we understand how people across different banking departments work. And can face up to the hard but necessary conversations of a detailed review without fear or favour.”

Martin Anthony, Director

Skadi supports your 3 Lines of Defence (3LoD)
Need to improve the overall efficiency of your compliance and internal audit workflows? With our Agile methodology, Skadi can work as part of your team to provide independent advice, guidance, and product training. And we’ll also reduce the time and resources needed to help your internal auditors and compliance officers understand the products or business strategy under review.

Our specialism lies in our deep understanding of complex products and issues, the highest risk areas for potential misconduct.

Skadi provides the specific front-line experience and independent support that the financial regulators recommend.

Our senior market experts can:

  • undertake detailed conduct reviews for your audit and compliance functions
  • identify key risks
  • plan and direct interviews
  • initiate investigations of your front to back processes, procedures, and personnel

Without fear or favour
When you place Skadi’s front office experts within your control function teams, you can rest assured that we’ll ask the difficult questions that need to be asked. And ask those questions exactly where and when required in a way that makes sure your people can continue working together once the investigation or review is complete.

We provide detailed review and control support for compliance departments and internal audit functions – and perform a vital interpreter function. Because we speak the same language as the front office, each side gets a much more meaningful and valuable experience.”

Martin Anthony, Director